There’s no question about it—the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. In fact, according to professionals in the real estate industry, the bathroom can be a huge selling point for any home on the market. If the bathrooms are modern, beautiful, and well-maintained, the home is much more likely to sell—and at a higher price, too.

However, if your home isn’t for sale, paying attention to the bathroom and its condition isn’t any less important. Whether it’s the master bathroom or secondary bathrooms used by the family, a well-maintained bathroom is a necessary feature to have in anyone’s household. Guest bathrooms are also important, especially if you are fond of hosting parties and entertaining guests in your home.

Clean Your Bathroom
Probably the most basic thing that you can do to make your bathroom guest-friendly is by ensuring that it is squeaky clean. Scrub the toilet and toilet seat, bathtub, tiles, and walls to remove unwanted stains. If your guests will share the bathroom with your children, make sure that you have cleaning products ready for them to use in case they want to clean up after themselves. Also, make sure to check the bathroom from time to time to see that it’s stocked with the essentials they’ll need when using it.

Consider a Wet Area Upgrade
There’s nothing worse than a filthy looking, smelly bathroom when having guests over. If your bathroom has become difficult to keep clean, this could mean that it’s time for a renovation. Inspect the shower and tub areas, along with the walls and flooring surrounding them. This is the wet area—which is the most likely place that upgrades will be needed.

For the biggest impact without the high price tag, consider a wet area renovation. This means replacing features that are water-damaged, covered in mold or mildew, and hard to clean. Consider a shower replacement, tub replacement, wall surround installation, and other wet area projects for a quick and easy transformation of your bathroom’s biggest eyesores.

Provide Extra Toilet Paper
As we just mentioned, you should ensure that your bathroom is well-stocked and ready for guests. Before your guests arrive, make sure that your toilet paper dispenser is not empty. Additionally, have extra toilet papers ready and visible, such that guests wouldn’t have to search for it or ask you for it.

Consider a Tub-to-Shower Upgrade
Many Victorian and other older home constructions have guest bathrooms that feature a standalone tub or another bathtub style for guests to use. If you’re having overnight guests and the bathroom you have available for them to use is only equipped with a tub, consider upgrading to a shower.

As nice as bathtubs can be, they’re just not as convenient for getting clean as showers are. Many homeowners are unaware that tub-to-shower conversions are quick and convenient home remodeling projects that can be completed in as little as just one day.

Have a Plunger Available
Toilets get clogged—especially when more people suddenly start using them. Prevent awkward situations for both you and your guests by keeping a plunger ready for them to use if they need it. This will keep them from having to ask you for one, which can make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Prepare Extra Toiletries and Towels
If you are expecting guests, prepare a basket of toiletries including shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, and even feminine products for them to use. Additionally, have fresh towels available on the towel bar or in their guest room. Add a deodorizing spray and potpourri to help them cover up bad smells after using the facilities.