Traditionally, showering is an individualized ritual as we mature into the accomplished Americans that we are today. For some, that ritual may be a quick, get-the-job-done type of shower. Others may prefer the long, quiet, relaxing type of shower. Whatever type of shower or bath you prefer, TruHome and Bath Planet customize to meet your needs.

A person can spend almost 2.5 years of their lifetime in their bathroom. You deserve to have the perfect bathroom, no matter your lifestyle, even if your goal is to only spend half that amount of time in the bathroom.

TruHome and Bath Planet offer customizability for convenient shelving locations and multiple sizes to choose from. Having various sizes and location options for shelves offers convenient easy-to-reach locations for all your showering necessities.

TruHome and Bath Planet make beating the average bathroom time easy as pie. We start by using the best-rated premium virgin acrylic and installing it from base or tub to ceiling. This provides the optimum experience for setting the perfect temperature in the shower. Since we use the non-porous surface, vinyl acrylic, your shower’s ambient temperature reaches your set temperature faster than you can say super-cala-fragilistic-expialidocious. The surface of the walls is now protected by the scientific layers of mildew prevention. This makes cleaning up easy, as well! Which is perfect for those who would rather take a nice long relaxing shower or bath.

You can start creating your dream bathroom here. This site will give you the opportunity to design what you think your bathroom could be. Visually allowing you to design your bathroom is the cherry on top for helping you relax before your bathroom is done.