TruHome has always offered the service of bath remodeling at a high-quality, affordable rate. Now, that service has gotten even better.

Bath Planet, a premier nationwide Bathroom Remodeler, has selected TruHome to represent the Madison area as a dealer. This means that TruHome will have more territory to work in, more options for customers, and more assets to help continuously grow.

Bath Planet chose TruHome over their competitors because of the consistent rate that they have received excellent customer reviews.

This acquisition is exciting because it will provide growth and business opportunities. The only thing that changes for TruHome customers is that there will now be more options to choose from when remodeling your bathroom. The surprisingly affordable bathroom solutions that customers know and love will remain the same.

Interested in giving your bathroom the upgrade it needs? Give us a call at 608-426-6767.

We look forward to doing business with you!