Springtime is near, and while there is plenty of spring cleaning to do – it’s also a perfect time to start thinking about your next remodeling project! Below are four ideas for where to start:

Patio Door Replacement

A patio door is an essential part to every home. It provides a clear view to the nature around you – and to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Many people like them for keeping an eye on the kids in the backyard. Whether it swings open to your deck or simply serves as a side entrance – you want to have a tightly sealed patio door!

Roof Replacement

Has your roof been having a slight leak from time to time? It may only occur in the most serious rainstorms, but that leak will catch up to you. You’ll want to make sure you get your roof done before snow flies again. Unfortunately, that will sneak up sooner than you may think!

New Windows

It can be easy to lose track of how old your windows truly are. Some older windows have already reached their life expectancy at 20 years. Newer windows, however, can last up to 30-50 years if they are properly installed. Vinyl windows will last the longest, given that they will not rot like wood or fiberglass.

Vinyl Siding

Upgrading your siding is the quickest way to turning all the heads around the block! Vinyl siding comes in many different color options that may better compliment your home than the current tone or pattern. Siding also protects your home from rain, wind, and hail damage. Make sure you get a lifetime warranty on having new siding installed!


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