A home’s siding is often thought of nothing more than the opportunity for curb appeal. And while the right siding can beautify a neighborhood and the wrong siding can cause a home to stand out like a sore thumb. The purpose of this important exterior isn’t just in the eye of the beholder.

Types of Siding

There are all kinds of material options for covering the exterior of your home. Aesthetics will play a part in your selection process, but function should always outweigh form. Below are a few of the most popular siding types used on homes today and the benefits they offer. 

  • Vinyl: affordable, easy-to-install, low maintenance, and available in wide variety of designs and colors
  • Brick: maintenance free, strong and durable, termite and fire resistant, not subject to fading or rotting
  • Wood: affordable, rich in appearance, and long lasting with proper maintenance
  • Stucco: best for drier climates, creates a protective barrier that blocks sound, retards fires, and insulates well

How Siding Can Protect Your Home

While different types of siding offer different advantages, they all have one thing in common: protecting your home in multiple ways.

  1. Secures the structure and interior:

    If you think of your home like a body, with the frame and beams comparable to the skeleton, your siding is the skin that wards off harmful elements such as hail, heavy winds, rain, and more. And just as your skin needs extra protection in the way of layers when it’s cold outside or sunscreen when the sun is soaring, your siding too needs maintenance. Keep your siding in good shape and it will have the best chances for keeping your home in tact.

  2. Adds further support:

    Over time, home structures can deteriorate or weaken, including cracks in walls and loose supports. Siding doesn’t serve as a fix to these kinds of problems. It can provide an additional layer of protection from the elements that can slow down any further damage versus what might happen if the siding weren’t acting as a barrier.

  3. Keeps its cool…and its heat:

    While siding is often a thin layer on the exterior, it can go a long way toward helping to insulate your home. Think of it like wearing a windbreaker or light jacket. When added to other layers, in the case of your home that includes the existing insulation and interior walls, siding helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And not only does that make for a more comfortable living environment but also saves you money in energy bills.

  4. Prevents water damage:

    The gutters, roof, foundation, and proper landscaping might be you first lines of defense against incoming water, but don’t overlook your siding. If water is getting in and your siding is past its prime, it might be time for a replacement. Siding can provide a level of waterproofing to your home. If you’re noticing increased moisture or humidity indoors, add your siding to the lists of places to inspect.

New Siding Options 

The summer season is a great time to replace, repair, or repaint your siding. Doing so will provide your home (and neighborhood) with a fresh, new look, while simultaneously protecting your home from future potential damage. TruHome’s vinyl & Versetta Stone siding gives your home the update it needs at an affordable price.

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