Time can take its toll on your most frequently used room in the house. Whether mold and mildew have taken over the grout in your shower, tiles are chipped, or the tub is just outdated, remodeling may be the best solution. With busy schedules and perhaps only one bathroom in the house, it’s hard to commit to a bathroom remodel. Thankfully, there are budget-friendly and time-sensitive options outside of a DIY bathroom remodel.

Hiring professional installation specialists for a one day remodel is a hassle-free way of building your dream bathroom quickly. One day bath remodel solutions usually use bath systems made from naturally mold and mildew resistant acrylic, allowing for quick custom solutions that are a cinch to install if you have the right company for the job. These tubs, showers, and wall inserts are made from vacuum-formed sheets of acrylic that are 100% non-porous. You can literally take a magic marker to our system and clean them away with our denature alcohol.

There are other benefits to doing a professionally-installed one day bathroom remodel:

  1. Design-your-own. You can pick from a variety of acrylic bath system models like tub-to-shower conversions, wall surrounds, replacement shower bases, or replacement bathtubs. They also come in a wide range of colors, patterns and accessories to truly make the look your own.
  2. Enhance accessibility. If you have trouble getting in and out of a standard bathtub or need a handicapped-accessible tub, there are options that take safety, comfort, and self-sufficiency into account, like a walk-in bathtub or a low-barrier step in shower. Features like a slip-resistant floor, low step-in entry, and grab bars ensure your safety. Hydrotherapy jets and easy-to-reach controls can provide an extra level of luxury and self-care. Chromotherapy that stimulates mood with lighting and an inline heater that turns our Alexis safety tub into a space friendly hot tub!
  3. Easy installation. Acrylic bath and shower bases are custom made to be watertight and fit over your existing bathtub if need be. We don’t usually go with this option because our removal of old to new is just as affordable and time efficient. Eliminate the hassle and time of messy DIY demolitions. Allow the TruHome professionals to install the new tub or shower in as little as one day. Bringing less stress for you and your family.

  4. Low maintenance. Cleaning the tub or shower can be difficult, but with acrylic bath systems, there isn’t any grout or gaps to have to scrub. The acrylic liners used are also non-porous, preventing mold and mildew from growing. No harsh chemicals needed. For our system we only require water and vinegar mixture!

  5. Longer lasting than standard bathtubs and showers. Acrylic bath systems tend to be scratch-, chip-, stain- and fade-resistant, so the tub or shower replacement should last the life of the house.

  6. Lifetime Warranty. Select a company or certified installation technician that offers a lifetime warranty on their tub and shower systems. This will also help ease your mind about the future of your newly remodeled bathroom. No matter what you choose to do with your tub or shower, it’s an investment. It’s good to go with a company, like TruHome Inc. that understands that.

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