Looking to update the look of your home’s exterior? Or are you wanting to replace old, warped  siding with a sturdier, more protective layer of stonework to the front of your house? Even if your choice is a stone veneer like Boral Versetta Stone, it can increase your home’s value, as well as prevent future weather and water damage. Adding a stone skirt on your house or installing stone veneer on the entire front of your home will create a stunning, new look.

Picking the type of stone veneer to use was an easy choice for the installation professionals at TruHome. Boral Versetta Stone doesn’t need to be painted, coated, or sealed, reducing the effort that goes into installing it and saving you money. Even better, it’s a low-maintenance and long-lasting option for homeowners, only increasing the value while improving the look of your home.  


Benefits of Boral Versetta Stone and Putting Stone on a House

  • Lightweight, waterproof panels. These fiber-reinforced concrete panels not only replicate the authentic look and feel of stone, and have built-in rain screens, protecting your home against severe weather, keeping rain outside and preventing future mold growth and structural damage.
  • Versetta Stone installation is easy. The panels are lightweight and two squared feet each, making it easier and faster for professionals to install. They also have a tongue and groove system for perfect spacing every time, and can be installed with screws or nails, no scratch coat or metal lath needed.
  • Install this stone facing on a house during any season. Versetta stone has no seasonal restrictions for installation because of its superior weatherproofing.
  • Protect your home from severe weather with Versetta Stone. Boral Versetta Stone is wind resistant up to 100MPH, and has a Class A fire resistance rating, and passes freeze/thaw testing, ensuring that once you install Versetta Stone, you won’t have to worry about replacing your siding for a long time.
  • Versetta Stone price is affordable and can work with your budget. Boral Versetta Stone adds the mark of classic stone masonry, as well as increasing your home’s value, even though this stone veneer is manufactured. In 2018, studies showed that people who sold their homes after installing a mid-range stone veneer on the bottom third of their home’s facade, increased the value by about 95%–that’s up from 2017 when it was 89.4%. Backed by a 50 year warranty, this stone veneer will add beauty and modernity to any home, while giving you every bang for your buck.
  • Indoor stone veneer installation is also an option! Boral Versetta Stone can be placed inside, as well. Around a column, over a fireplace, as a backsplash, or even as an accent wall, Versetta Stone is a handsome addition to any home.
  • Beautiful siding and color options for exterior or interior. Enhance the style of your home with Versetta Stone’s extensive selection of on-trend colors and textures. Combine with any other cladding like wood, brick, or stucco.  
  • Think green with sustainable building materials. Versetta Stone siding precise-cut panels leave little waste on the job site, reducing landfill waste, and saving you money. Versetta Stone products are made with at least 50% recycled content so you can help support your sustainable building initiatives. Boral Versetta Stone is an NAHB Research Center Green-Approved product, and its long-lasting materials won’t need to be replaced often.


TruHome professionals are excited about using Boral Versetta Stone to give your home a facelift, increase its curb appeal, and protect it from the elements and water damage. Versetta Stone is a wonderful product that brings form and function together.  


Want to discuss Versetta Stone installation?

TruHome is here to provide your home with a fresh, new look, while simultaneously protecting your home from future potential damage. TruHome’s CertainTeed Monogram & Versetta Stone siding gives your home the update it needs at an affordable price.

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