Here are some ways to invest in your home:

Energy Efficient Windows
A good energy efficient window is the first step to investing in your house. These windows are designed to hinder heated and cooled air from escaping. The increased insulation lowers energy consumption, which lowers the cost of keeping your house at a comfortable temperature.

Energy efficient windows have multiple glass panes. These multi-layer constructions create air-like pockets between the layers of glass, which are then sealed shut to prevent any air from entering or escaping. They have non toxic gasses such as argon or krypton to further increase their efficiency. Installing an energy-efficient window is necessary for saving energy, but it will not do you much good if the window frame is not efficient as well. The higher the quality of the frame materials the more it reduces the transfer of heat and insulates your windows better leading to more efficient heating and cooling in your home. Energy efficient windows can be paired with the following: vinyl windows, composite windows, fiberglass windows and also clad-wood windows. These windows are highly energy efficient.

Upgrade Your Bath
A bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, but the payoff is worth the time and care put into it. Maybe you’re married and you have a toddler and a baby on the way. But your tiny bathroom is already so cramped that adding another one to the mix is going to make things even more difficult. Or perhaps you’re done raising children, are ready to retire, and you want to be able to still live in your house as you get older. Or you’re taking in a roommate to help pay the mortgage or the rent, but privacy is much needed.

Bathrooms, done tastefully, can increase a home’s value when it is put on the market. If your bathroom is old, the possibility of it being energy efficient is low. Between wasting water and low light quality, your bathroom is not only less enjoyable to be in, but also a big money waster.

When you start preparing for a bath remodel; it’s a good time to think of energy-efficient toilets, showers, tiles and sinks. Another thing to think about: if your bathroom is old it doesn’t have sufficient air circulation, which means you’ll end up dealing with mold and mildew. One way to combat mold and mildew buildup is to get an acrylic shower or bath tub system. Acrylics have gotten more popular over the years due to its easy-to-maintain, high tech material and its mold and mildew resistant attributes. Families with toddlers enjoy the acrylic material since it does not stain easily. If your toddler gets into the markers and colors the shower, it’s easy to wipe off. No harsh chemicals needed!
A bathroom remodel is a great time to think about the safety of the space. If you plan to age in place, or may one day want to sell your home, accessible bathrooms are the way to go. In a bathroom remodel, you can install a no-threshold shower or even a walk in tub for ease in getting in and out of the shower. You can also consider non-slip tile, handrails, a shower seat, and more. This way you can stay independent as you age.

Upgrade Your Roof
Another thing you can do to improve your house is to inspect your roof and repair the shingles if necessary. There are many reasons one would update the roof. Maybe the roof is worn out and old and you need a new one before it starts leaking. Or maybe the roof is not energy efficient, and doesn’t reflect the heat away increasing the energy consumption of your home. However, certain materials today reflect heat away from your home, ultimately lowering your energy consumption. Updating your roof can increase its lifespan drastically. Today’s high-quality roofing materials are more durable than they have been in the past and if maintained properly, can last up to 50 years!

Consider New Siding
Siding really is the ultimate combination of style and practicality. Nothing can transform your curb appeal like clean and colorful siding. Since old siding conceals a ton of problems that will cost thousands of dollars to repair, it’s best to redo your siding as soon as possible. There are some benefits to getting new siding. One benefit is that new siding can dramatically increase the appearance of the home, thus making the house look brand new. Plus, with new siding installation you can add new trim and accents that can create a striking new color scheme. Secondly, new siding is an investment in your home that pays you back. On average, new siding will increase home value by about 80% of the project price. So not only do you get to enjoy that new curb appeal, but upon selling, you’ll earn your money back.

Another benefit to new siding is that it can lower your energy consumption. Most homeowners know that new windows make their home more energy-efficient; but don’t know that new siding has a similar impact. When performing new siding installation, house wrap and insulation is installed to seal any air leakage problem areas.