When replacing windows, homeowners are presented with plenty of options. Color, design, and type are all factors in the decision-making process. Choosing what windows are best for you and your home can be a stressful selection. How do you ease the strain of an important investment?


Choosing the right window installer is half the battle. The proper window installer is one who is reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Here are some telling signs of an established installer.

Experience: The more experience a window installer has, the better. In most trades, a true craftsman gains wisdom with each execution of his/her practice.

Reviews: The most telling sign of a reliable window company is their reviews. Educated and informed homeowners are often the ones who seek out referrals and references for companies they are interested in working with.

Estimate Etiquette: Homeowners have reason to be wary when receiving an estimate for a home remodeling project. Some contractors will take measurements, throw a number on paper, and expect you to sign the contract they leave in the mailbox. This is not a professional way to conduct business. A trustworthy company will “spell out” a price estimate for a project. This means simplifying and clarifying the steps that will be taken to ensure that you, as a homeowner, are getting your money’s worth.

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