The old saying may not be “April showers bring May roof leaks,” but it might as well be. After a long, hard winter, your roof has been through a lot, from melting and freezing snow to falling debris. Damage to roofs from winter weather lead to leaks that become more obvious during the rainy days of spring. Most commonly, roof leaks can be caused by missing shingles, gaps in the metal flashing around chimneys and vent pipes, or small holes in the roofing. To find the leak and repair it may be a bit trickier than we’d like to believe. Here are a few tips to finding those sneaky leaks to prevent further water damage to your home.

1. Start in the attic.

During stormy weather or a light rain, go up into the attic and carefully step on the rafters (watch out for wood rot before placing your full weight on each one). Use a flashlight to examine the rafters and and roof decking to find a wet spot. If you’re in a bit of a dry spell, but want to find the leak, use a garden hose to thoroughly wet down the roof. You can better do this experiment with two people, having one person in the attic and the other with the hose. Have the person with the hose start at the lowest point of your roof and work their way upward until you see dripping or a water spot. Patience is key here, as it may take a minute for the water to flow downward into the attic.

2. Follow the stain.

Once you locate the wet spot, follow the water stain and wet spots to the highest point.

3. Measure twice.

Measure the distance from your roof’s peak to the highest point of the stains. Then measure over from a gable’s to the end point of the stain.

4. Locate the leak.

When the roof is dry, carefully climb on top of the roof, making sure to take all safety precautions when using a ladder or stepping on the roof. Do not step on a steep, weak, or greatly water damaged roof. If you are unsure, call a professional. Transfer your measurements to the roof to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

5. Look higher up.

If you are having trouble finding the source of the leak, start with your measurements, then follow the general path higher up on your roof, carefully checking for damage. Leaks tend to start from a higher point and go down from there.

6. Examine the damage.

Once you find the source of the leak, determine what it is in order to best fix it. If it’s a missing shingle or damaged flashing from a fallen tree limb, you might want to consider hiring a roof repair professional to examine the extent of the structural damage.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

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