Wood is an organic, porous material, meaning that it will alter its form over time.

In simpler terms, a wooden framed window will not last forever.

Even in the most ideal climate, it is only a matter of time before a wooden window is ready to be replaced. The window most prone to leaking is the one with a wooden frame. The window most prone to a broken seal is the one with a wooden frame.

Wooden windows do have their benefits, however. One of these is the appearance. Many people like the look of a wooden-framed window. It is true that the look can match most any home.

What if I told you, there is a window that can bring you the best of both worlds?

You heard that right! There is a lifetime lasting window that looks like wood. And we carry it!

We provide vinyl windows that come with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl, unlike wood, will not deteriorate. If you want the appearance of wood, our vinyl windows can certainly provide that.

Interested in seeing samples of our woodgrain vinyl windows? We’d be happy to show you!

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