Have you decided to remodel your bathroom? Or have you noticed some water damage or mold growth in your bathroom because your bathroom fan is old or no longer works? Or maybe your bathroom has no ventilation system at all. With all of the latest options out in the marketplace, how do you know what exhaust fan to choose? 

From silent ventilation fans to smart technology fans, how do you know which one is right for your bathroom? Before you fall down an online rabbit hole or get lost in the sea of choices at your local hardware store, here are some facts to help you narrow down which fan is best for you. 

How Do Bathroom Exhaust Fans Work? 

Bathroom exhaust fans work by pulling hot, moist air out of the bathroom, allowing for cool, fresh air to enter the bathroom from a vent, open door, or window. The moist air that is pulled out of the bathroom is then vented outside of your house. The goal of a fan is not only to prevent  your bathroom mirrors from fogging up, but to pull the moisture out of the confined space to prevent mold growth, water damage, and structural rot. 

Air Flow Capacity

Different bathroom fans will be able to handle different sizes of bathrooms based on their air flow capacity. If you install a fan that doesn’t have enough capacity, this could create a better environment for mold growth and water damage from built up moisture. To figure out what capacity you need, check out the fan’s cubic feet per minute (cfpm). A fan should have 1cpfm for every square foot in your bathroom. 

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Noise Level

Whisper quiet bathroom ventilation fans are becoming more and more common. Energy efficient fans tend to also have quieter motors. To figure out how loud a fan will be, read how many sones it is. Sones are a measurement of loudness. Quiet fans will have a rating of .5-1.2 sones, whereas louder fans will have a rating of 4.0+ sones. 

Energy Efficient Exhaust Fans

EnergyStar exhaust fans use about 60% less energy than regular exhaust fans. To be sure that these fans are saving energy as they advertise, EnergyStar products are tested and certified by the Home Ventilating Institute or the Air Movement and Control Association.  

Smart Exhaust Fan Technology

Smart fans include a motion sensor fan that turns on when you walk into the bathroom. Some of these smart fans also have a timer that shuts the fan off 10 minutes or so after you leave the bathroom, allowing the perfect amount of time to pull out any remaining moist air after a hot shower. Some smart ventilation systems even have humidity sensors that turn the fan on automatically if the humidity level goes about 50%. Getting an exhaust fan with these benefits may cost a little more up front, but the long term benefits that prevent water damage will save you tons of money and will keep your bathroom feeling like new longer. 

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