Although many consumers do not see a difference between fiberglass and acrylic in appearance, the two materials perform vastly different in wet area applications. Please refer the chart below as to why acrylic is the only wise choice for bath remodels.

Why Not Fiberglass?

  • Embeds soap shampoo and dirt once micro-thin gel coat erodes
  • Can be difficult to clean and maintain
  • Easily damaged by cleansers and chemicals
  • Matte or satin finish does not reflect light
  • Difficult or impossible to repair
  • No sound deadening, sounds hollow when water makes contact
  • Promotes mold, mildew and other bacteria
  • Ages poorly
  • Lack of support underneath enables cracks

Why Acrylic?

  • Non-porous and mildew resistant
  • As easy to clean as spray and wipe
  • Acid and alkali resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing high gloss luster reflects light and enhances size of room
  • Renewable surface, easily repaired
  • Keeps the water hot up to 4 times longer than a steel or cast iron tub
  • UV stabilized, will never bleach, yellow or fade
  • Long lasting durability