Have you gone to the grocery store and noticed that all the shelves are empty?

Or perhaps you noticed it took longer than usual to get your shipment in the mail?

These are just a couple of examples of the supply chain shortage. The post pandemic world has mightily struggled to receive, produce, and ship material in a timely manner. But…why?

There is not a straightforward answer, but instead, a multitude of reasons that lay scattered like dominos. The start of the dispersed pile is the need/want for materials. Now that the world is mostly back to normal, people are ordering things they put off during the abnormal year of 2020. Everyone wants to start the project they were going to do last year. 2021 is not the year for procrastination!

The demand is high and the materials are not there. Production cannot start until all the proper materials are in possession of the manufacturer.

Another issue that is in play is the shortage of workers. Surprisingly, it is difficult to find employees. In 2020, many people lost their jobs and were looking for new. Now, it seems as though everyone has found a place of work.

The shipping industry is also suffering. Again, due to demand and lack of employees, the mailers are struggling to keep up with the amount of orders.

For these reasons, nearly every industry of manufacturing is experiencing significant delays. Remember – while it is frustrating, we are all suffering!

Patience and persistence are the keys to getting through this!