A roof is one of the most important parts of your home. Actually, it is the most important part of your home!

Not only does the roof protect the house, but it is also one of the first things the eye is drawn to. For that reason, many homeowners spend time considering the many options they have when choosing a new roof color.

Sometimes the choice is obvious. For example, a black roof can match most any house. A red house may require a roof with some sort of red shade. Some homeowners just know what color they want!

Most people aren’t that decisive, though. Looking through a book of sample colors isn’t the same as seeing a roof color in person and on a house.

The best way to find inspiration for your home is to drive through your local neighborhood. Most houses around you were built at the same time. For that reason, most builds are comparable in terms of style and color pattern.

If you don’t find one that catches your eye, there are always plenty of options to be found online. Search your color and see what fits! Darker tones such as gray and black will match most any home – so you can always fall back on that.