Are you in need of a new bathtub or shower? Maybe your existing tub or shower takes a lot of time out of your daily routine. Most families are busy and do not have time to scrub and maintain an old bath with mold and mildew. A new bath system would certainly fix this problem, but new doesn’t always assure quality.

If your tub is not made out of the high-quality acrylic we use here at TruHome and Bath Planet of Madison, your tub may be holding years worth of bacteria. Using harsh chemicals to sterilize the bacteria will only increase your bath headache.

The proof of a high-quality bath is in the material. Acrylic is a soft, non-porous, malleable material. This is why we are able to offer “Build-Your-Bath” options. With many different choices at your disposal, it can be refreshing to have options.

Acrylic has advantages such as the easy maintenance. Say goodbye to abrasive sponges and hello to an easy-to-clean system. Water and vinegar are all that is needed to clean an acrylic bath. Additionally, it will only have to be done in rare instances.

If you’re the type of person that wants an easy to clean bath at an affordable price, this is your type of bath. Let’s make it happen!